The Dimitri Gurevitch Quintette:
Stream of Subconciousness e.p
SmellyCat Records $10

The Dimitri Gurevitch Quintette:
(Debut CD)

SmellyCat Records $12


The Dimitri Gurevitch Quintette:
Cali 7inch

Illumunation Records $4

The Dimitri Gurevitch Quintette:
Split 7in.

Catechism Records$4

Intersted in purchasing some or all of these high quality productions?
Then choose from the following options. If you have a credit card you can order online as follows. (Sorry any other merch aside from recordings cannot be purchased online.)

The Dimitri Gurevitch Quintette
Stream of Subconciousness e.p.
Split 7"
Cali 7"
Shipping and Handling $2.50 US/CAN - $7.50 INTL Per Order
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If you don't have a credit card you are a LOSER! ...I mean you should follow the instructions listed below.
  1. Decide what you would like to purchase. Make note of these items and thier cost.
  2. Add up the cost of these items then add an additional $2 for shipping. Make note of this amount as you will need to refer to it later in the ordering process.
  3. Obtain a MONEY ORDER (NO CHECKS! We will send them back!) for this amount. Make it payable to Matt Bergman.
  4. Purchase a domestic beer. We recommended Miller High Life if your in the US. (optional)
  5. Drink the domestic beer. (also optional)
  6. Compose a letter to be enclosed with the money order stating exactly what you would like to purchase and the mailing address you would like the items shipped to.
  7. Please make this letter brief. (optional)
  8. There is no step 8.
  9. Address an envelope as follows:
    The DGQ
    PO Box 090825
    Brooklyn NY 11209-0825
  10. Enclose in the aforementioned envelope the money order (payable to Matt Bergman) and the composed letter (not too long hopefully).
  11. Seal the envelope and affix it with the proper postage. (currently 34 in the US)
  12. Deposit the envelope in your local postal box or at your neighborhood postal station.
  13. Relax, get yourself a beer, and enjoy it secure in the knowledge that your letter is off to reach our humble abode where we will in turn ship out your requests post haste. (optional)
If you have any questions regarding orders email me.

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