If you would like to recieve lots of propaganda drummed up by the DGQ, then send us an E-mail with your mailing address as well as your E-mail address, and you will be well on your way to being brainwashed by The DGQ.
(Which is better than being brainwashed by the Media.)

  If you would like to send The DGQ lots of propaganda, food, drugs, beer, liquor, shiney new instuments/amplifiers/microphones/recording devices (anolog or digital), livestock, skateboards, moutain bikes, cars, The Anti-Christ, Jesus, Hot loose chicks, or just a letter telling us how much we suck well then send it to:
PO Box 090825
Brooklyn, NY 11209-0825

Top ten reasons for sending mail and/or email to The DGQ

  1. You wish to send any or all of the above mentioned items.
  2. You wish to purchase some of our musical productions (See Discography page for ordering inst.)
  3. You wish to send a letter telling us how much you like us.
  4. You wish to send a letter telling us how much you think we suck.
  5. You are a band who whould like to play gigs with us.
  6. You are a band who whould like to see us dead.
  7. You live in a town that the DGQ has not inflitrated and you wish us to come to your nearest club, bar, VFW, pizzaria, strip club, gun range, temple, bowling alley, church, abattoir, barn, or military installation.
  8. You don't need an eighth reason.
  9. You wish to confuse the guy who answers all the mail by sending him surrealistic requests.
  10. You are Bob Dylan or Sammy Hagar and you wish to sue us for using your name. (We would prefer to hear from Bob.)

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