As members of the DGQ we must follow a certain code of honor as defined by the omnipotent leader himself Dimitri Ivanovitch Gurevitch. Here are the original documents translated from Russian.

On my honor I will do my best
 To do my worst for God and my country
  and obey the DGQ law;
 To taunt other people at all times;
 To keep myself phisically lazy,
  mentally unstable and morally warped.

A DGQ Agent is:

He can not be trusted to compromise his music to sell millions of records, be horribly burned in a Pepsi commercial, appear in teen magazines, speak out against drugs, design a psycadelic tie collection for corporate dead heads, and sell T-shirts for $30.

He will not "suck the cock" of any one record company for any definite time period nor will he release any rights to his music both recorded and unrecorded for any cocksucking fees.

unhelpful/a hinderance
He will not help any record company to fulfill selfish aims to further their status in an ecomonically driven society and may in fact cause a decline of profits if he feels the desire to taunt and or annoy.

He will ignore and or stiffle any conversation and or actions that do not directly pretain to his gain as an agent of The DGQ or The DGQ as a whole.

He will be loud, obnoxious and offensive to any music industry personel not complying specifically with his wishes or The wishes of the group.

He will inflict strict mental and phisyical torment on any deserving prey. Deserving prey being anyone not complying with his wishes and the wishes of the DGQ as a unit

He will not follow orders from any non agent including and epecially recording industry pricks, law enforcment agents or any family members of the afore mentioned parties. He will comply verbally with aggreements then blatently ignore the intended promises.

He will waste peoples time with pretencious mood music designed to make people passive and obedient.

He is a critic, always looking for the negative side of any situation if there is no situation which to criticize he will create one.

a selfish coward
In the face of adversity he will chicken out rather face the "music".

He is smelly, dirty, unshaven, unwiped, and in general a slob of massive proportions.

Has no respect for organized religion and it's influence on society at large he will renouce God just for a chuckle. Har dee har har.