In late October, 1989 deep in the bowels of Belford N.J. a disgusting "Punk/Grind" band was formed called "Cosmic Hurse". They recorded their first demo "The Life Burns Me Out E.P." in a garage. Response to the noise they created was good so they decided to record a quality demo with better sound. In late November, 1989 they recorded the "12 Tracks of Scum" demo. It sold worldwide and locally their name started to get around. The band, Dunk-Dole (Vocals),T.J.(Bass), Corn-Paul (Guitar) and Otto (Drums) started to play numerous shows and began to get a strong local following. They soon began Writing new noise for their next demo. Just before they went into the studio, T.J. decided to quit the band leaving only the 3 to record "The Cats Meow E.P.". The demo had 14 songs of totally ugly, disgusting noise and sold more demos than the previous two combined. Otto switched from drums to bass and was replaced by Big Jim. This lineup lasted long enough to play a series of local shows. Dunk-Dole was next to leave the band. After 2 years as lead throat and front man Dunk-Dole decided to save what was left of his voice and it looked as though the band was going to break up, until Corn-Paul decided to take over the vocals. Now as a 3 piece Cosmic Hurse is back and more vile than ever. The "Evacuation of the Bowels " demo came out in late January 1992. It contains 17 songs of pure energy. Its the heaviest and most disgusting Cosmic Hurse demo ever, and is sure to make you sick. This demo features Corn-Paul's nauseating throats and grinding guitars, Otto's static and unmistakable backing screams, and Big Jims energetic beats. This demo comes closest to showing the live Cosmic Hurse experience. This trios disgusting blend of noise, feedback, distortion and sweat can only be called Cosmic Hurse.

Cosmic Hurse
c/o William Carl Black
8214 5th Ave.
Brooklyn N.Y. 11209