Dimitri Gurevitch was working for the KGB to make a passive and obedient work force through sound. His experiments failed horribly and he was exiled from the former Soviet Union. He moved his base of operations to New York, rounded up a couple of musicians and began to prepare his plot for America and the materialistic society therein.

  Dimitri was now ready to test his sinister method on the American public. A method that would ultimately make him the "Supreme Ruler of the Planet Earth!" He conned a New York late night talk show host into playing his music over the nation's airwaves. Unfortunately, Americans had been so desensitized by T.V. that the music had no controlling effect on their minds whatsoever. However, he noticed they found it wildly entertaining; and where there is entertainment, there is money and where there is money, there is power.

  Dimitri now worked diligently at a scheme to pawn off his mind control music as entertainment. He created music videos with scantly clad women and scenes of graphic violence. He bribed big record company producers to listen to his creations. In an interview with a New York fanzine, he credited the band with starting the "grunge" movement. He even went so far as to call the music "art". "...ah yes, in this sea of mediocrity, my superior creations will prevail", he thought, "and what better way to do it, but through the music business. The level of creativity and insight is at an all-time low. I'll swoop in and steal all the profits before they even realize it was nothing but pretentious mood music designed to make people passive and obedient."

  Dimitri gave up trying to promote the music when it wasn't an overnight sensation. The band remained together and continued in the tradition and style of Dimitri Gurevitch, even retaining him as a token member. Now this music comes to you "the American people", once again and this time it will not go unnoticed.

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