NAME: Erik Hoagland
AKA: Tommy3, The Rabbit Dissector
HAIR: Various
EYES: Hazel
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 180 lbs.
MEASUREMENTS: 37, 34, 39
DATE OF BIRTH: September 21, 1971 A.D.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Glasgow, Scotland U.K.
TURN ONS: Intelligent life forms, Hands, Chaos, The Sound Of Breaking glass, Un-Restraints
TURN OFFS: Blah blah blah, Commercial Religion, High heels, Beans, Hair spray, Conversations about the weather, Word jazz.
AMBITIONS: To build up an immunity to the "common cold."
SKILLS: Tenor & Soprano Saxophone operator, Clarinet technician, Frame drum abuse, Bag piper, Overworked recording engineer, Underpaid record producer, Cranky restaurant manager, Quail Poacher, Lumberjack, Caber tosser
PERSONAL HISTORY: As a child, Erik was raised in a box by Scottish Scientists to be a champion Caber tosser. When he didn't live up to their expectations, Erik went underground and began experimenting with sound as a method of physical and mental manipulation. At age 20, he submitted music for the Christmas mass at the Vatican as an experiment in ultrasound. During the debut performance the pulpit turned into a raging inferno of Bibles and Hymns. This consecration incited an orgy of Roman proportions. After several attempts on his life and many nasty letters from the pope he was forced to flee to Mexico. Dimitri, who was on holiday in Mexico, had heard about Erik's work and was very impressed with his ability to incite chaos through sound. He asked Erik to join him in his quest for world conquest. The rest is History.

Dimitri Gurevitch - Matthew Bergmann - William Carl Black - Alan Lerner - Justin Mullens

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